SHAKTI DANCE - Sound of silence

Sat-Sun 6-7 April 2019, at 10-17.30

Norrlands Kundalini Yoga Center, Umeå

Shakti Dance® is a form of conscious and devotional dance where different dance styles, movements, rhythms etc. are combined with breath, focus, repetition and energy work. This creates a powerful yogic tool for balancing, creating harmony and uniting the individual consciousness with the Universal Consciousness.

It has different phases from gentle stretches and dynamic standing exercises to free dance, relaxation and meditation.
Shakti Dance® was created by Sara Avtar, a Kundalini Yogi and life-long dancer, and blessed by Yogi Bhajan in 2001.


In this seminar we tune into the frequency of stillness and silence.
Listen carefully,
and hear the silence speak,
look carefully
and see the stillness dance!
Sounds and movements arise
from the sweet, formless space.
Dance and sing the tune of your own
Loving Grace.


Course fee: 1800kr before 1.3.2019, 1950kr after.
Enquiries and sign-up:, 070-2082500 

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The teacher, Sat Darshan, is a Sound Healer and pioneer Teacher Trainer of Shakti Dance® and Kundalini Yoga in Finland. She is also one of the few Lead Trainers of Shakti Dance® in the world. Her teaching style combines concrete and subtle, sensitivity and strength. She shares her knowledge and experience in workshops and trainings in various locations in Europe and occasionally overseas. Dance and music have been part of her life even before school years, and yoga came into the picture in 1999.

SHAKTI DANCE - Sound of silence

2 dagar, 6 - 7 april